Located in one of the most charming and well-preserved Lebanese villages, Khenshara Twins project is a place of breathtaking sceneries​.
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150m Duplex

This small comfortable apartment will delight you with its high ceiling and huge windows illuminating the space. It has its own piece of lush garden for you to enjoy. A 150 m duplex apartment that offers great living space.

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214m Duplex

This duplex apartment offers the perfect blend of luxury living surrounded by ample open spaces. It is a generously proportioned modern residence that has big glass windows, letting in natural light showing us the beautiful views in a desirably tranquil environment of Khenshara village.

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230m Simplex

A Simplex that is home made comfortable and catered to your needs. A spacious living area that extends outside , with your own private terrace, balcony or garden. Enjoy the beauty of Khenshara twins project that provides the combination of peace and serenity with its amazing mountain view.

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